Tuesday, 27 August 2013

When In Rome

In June, my family and I took the massive flight from Australia to Europe and the UK. We went to Italy, France, Holland and England, over a total of four and a half weeks. It was exciting, breathtaking and exhausting to say the least!
Taken on the deadly 12 hour flight from Singapore to Rome
We had a stopover in Singapore, splitting the 20 hour flight into 8 hours and then another 12 hours, but we spent our time sleeping and stocking up on pringles, since none of us were a big fan of plane food.
A Snapchat taken at Changi International Airport
20 hours later, we arrived in Rome. After recovering for a few hours, we headed out into the bustling streets. The fashion was different to what I expected, it was very very colourful. Scooters lined every street corner and fountains (such as the Trevi Fountain pictured below) popped up and you wandered through the city.
Me at the Trevi Fountain
The absolute highlight of Rome (as well as the food) was the Borghese gallery. You weren't allowed cameras inside, but the rooms was absolutely breathtaking. My all time favourite artist Bernini (check out his statue Pluto and Prosperpina) was a massive feature in the gallery. If you're into art at all, it is definitely worth a visit!
  Above: The sandwich I enjoyed in the gardens of the gallery (Salami and Brie, mmmmm)

Food was another major part of my Italian experience. Pizza and pasta are of course a must, but my personal favourite Italian delicacy was the infamous gelato. 

Watermelon, Banana & Vanilla
My favourite flavour was watermelon, it was so refreshing on those baking hot 30+ degree celsius days. But seriously, with the pavement reflecting the heat, it was boiling!

This was the second time I've been to Rome (once before when I was ten), but I feel like this is the first time I really got to experience the culture. The first time it was tourist attraction after tourist attraction, but it really is an experience in itself just to walk down the streets and find some hidden gems.

Well, that's all from me for now.
Love Jess xx

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