Saturday, 2 August 2014

Glorious Shower Gel

Australians seem to miss out on multitudes of brilliant beauty products only available in the land of the Brits. But alas, we've conquered another brand...

It's finally happened, Myer has started stocking a small range of Soap and Glory products. When I was wandering through the store and saw the stand of pastel pink, I knew my moisturing dreams had come true. As melodramatic and slightly sexual as that may sound, seeing review after review on how brilliant the products are, while stuck in a Soap and Glorious-less country has really taken its toll. The 'Kit' stall has fairly small collection of their best-selling products. Although I was mildly disappointed they weren't stocking the new 'Orangeasm' range, I wasn't gonna let it kill my buzz.

Deciding on a product to begin my Soap and Glory journey was difficult, but I went with a classic, the Clean on Me Shower Gel. After having a little fangirl over the packaging, I checked the price to make sure it wasn't going to be double the price of the British product, around £6. At $13 Australian it was only a couple of bucks over the exact British price, so I wasn't going to complain, especially with the amount product you get.

 Looking for a subtle scent was fairly difficult in the stock they had, I'm not normally a big fan of smelling like baked goods. The Original Pink fragrance is still noticeable, but is fresh and light, although I am atrocious at picking smells accurately. The amazing fragrance stays on your skin for the majority of the day, but completely disappears if you put a non-scented moisturiser on afterwards, but I think that's just my stupidity more than an actual issue. The heavenly smell is super strong when you're in the shower and seemed to wake me up a bit more (I shower in the mornings) although I'm not entirely sure that wasn't just my imagination getting a little over excited about using a S&G product. Overall though, the scent is just really lovely.
I swear, this actually is the gel and not that other white gooey fluid, you dirty people!
Using the pump in the shower is a lot more convenient than trying to use a squirter thing that ends up going everywhere (I'm looking at you, Lush), but you need to angle it a certain way to actually get any gel out. You also need to do a couple of pumps if you're wanting to cover your whole body, but its lathers really well once you have a good amount, although if you like a super foamy lather this isn't the product for you.
How many ways can I photograph the same product? 
My favourite time to use body gels in the shower is straight after I've shaved. My skin already feels smooth so putting the creamy gel on afterwards is, dare I say it, orgasmic. I haven't used it long enough to say whether it keeps your skin moisturised in the long term, but on a day to day basis, I haven't gotten any gross white/dry patches like I did before with a non-moisturising shower gel (I was previously using the Smith Street shower gel in pineapple, smells great but kills the skin).

I am definitely going to go back and by more S&G products, hopefully more with the Original Pink scent. Thank the shower gel Gods that S&G has come to Australia!

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